Hi all, I’m new in blogging. Let me introduce myself,

My name is Wildan, I live on a Big City called Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. As a student I go to Muhammadiyah 1 Private High School and I’m on 11st grade. As normal as another teenagers I also like music, but not Indonesian. I’d rather choose west music and it’s pop and HipHop. In this life I also have so many friends but I still feel lonely. So, I think blogging make me not feel lonely anymore. Oh yeah, please leave a comment if you read one of my post and don’t copy anything please! Be creative (: My Hobby is social networking. I have facebook and twitter. Maybe You can find me on Facebook ” Wildan Novembrianto ” and follow me @rwildaaan

Okay guys, I’ve told you before, right? I’m a newbie in blogging. So, don’t feel dissapointed if you look this bad blog



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